Thermal Industry Window

540 Series Double Hung Windows — Frame Features
Solid Vinyl, Multi-Chambered Construction
530 Double Hung Windows will not chip, peel or rot;
never requires scraping or painting.
Fusion-Welded Frame and Sashes
Provide maximum strength and energy efficiency.
Parallel I-Beam Construction
Provides increased strength, durability and structural integrity.
Dedicated Pocket Header
Provides a clean interior appearance and prevents air infiltration.
Sloped Weather-Trac Sill
A weather-inhibiting pocket that significantly improves water drainage and air infiltration ratings.
Fully Welded and Weeped Sill
Provides excellent water resistance and structural integrity;
300% stronger welds than other window products on the market.
Thermal Weight Management System with Draft Sentry
Provide years of smooth and easy double hung window sash operation.
Balance Covers
Provide a clean, aesthetically pleasing appearance
Beveled Screen Track
Stiffens frame, enables easy screen removal and improves aesthetics
Fiberglass Half Screen
White Color

540 Series Double Hung Windows — Sash Features
Dual-Pane 13/16" Performance™ Insulating Glass
Improved thermal performance.
Intercept Warm-Edge Technology
Reduces condensation and seal failures and improves thermal performance.
Extruded Integral Vinyl Interlocks
Draw the 530 Double Hung sashes tight to form weather barrier.
Double Wall "Easy-Grip" Vinyl Lift Rails
Full width rails assure easy 530 Double Hung Window sash operation.
Double Woolpile Seal at Meeting Rail
Provides a thermal blanket around the 530 Double Hung Window sashes.
Dual Finseal Woolpile & Q-Lon Weather-Stripping
Virtually eliminate air and water infiltration.
Stealth Overlap Lock
The 530 Double Hung's low profile lock features a hidden
keeper for a sleek appearance, while providing security
and peace of mind.
Sentry Night Latches
Safely ventilate your home.
Recessed Tilt Latches
Provide easy access to double hung sash tilting feature.
Locking Zinc Tilt Pins
Prevent accidental double hung window sash displacement
during window cleaning.
540 Series Double Hung Windows — Options
Peak PerformanceTM Family of Glass Packages
Select from Dual or Triple-Pane Insulating Glass Systems featuring LoE2 Glass, enhanced with Argon or Krypton Gases and sealed with Warm-Edge Technology Spacer Systems.
Obscure and Tinted Glass
DreamGlas®; Jewel Cut, Color and Caming
Maintenance-Free Grids in a variety of styles
Exclusive Circle Sash™ Grid Design
Shaped Accent Windows in a Variety of Styles
Brushed Nickel or Brass Electroplated Metal Locks
(Not available in "Stealth" profile; Available External "Round-House Lock" style only)
Earthtone Color
Oak Natural WoodGrain-paintable and stainable interior synthetic laminate
Honey Oak WoodGrain Finish or Caramel Oak WoodGrain Finish with Color-Coordinated Mocha Hardware
(Not available in "Stealth" profile; Available External "Round-House Lock" style only)
Honey Oak or Caramel Oak WoodGrain Internal Grids in Flat or Contour Narrow Styles
Foam Frame Wrap
Locking Fiberglass Half Screen
Full Screen, Aluminum Screen
Invisi-Screen®—Fiberglass screen that provides an enhanced outdoor view, more light transmittance, improved airflow, and increased insect protection.